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more about “Pixaloops by Pixalot“, posted with vodpod

Here is a quick demo of some of my original/ copyright cleared vj loops. I’ve “branded” it with my logo all over the place for this demo version. This clip represents a vast archive of original content vj clips. In addition to regularly VJing live, I create lots of custom fashion/club/retail video loops.

The “Modern Dancer” was created with several layers each colourized and effected. The video footage gets line-art, different ways of using Radium Glow, Pixelate and motion trail. The dancer is Juliette Morel and is based in Paris.

Shot cameras from the collection on a green screen for the “Gear Spin” section. Stop motion spinning also gets a line-art layer. The graphics are from a collection of old Czech and Russian film, television and photography technology books I scanned in Prague.

The “Breakdancer” was shot in my first studio in Greenpoint and features B-Boy 360 ( http://www.bboysrevenge.com ). NYC streets were shot on an SD Flip camera and faux-roto’d with min-max and silk stocking filters. the animated sequences are shot by, Tal Shpantzer ( http://www.talfoto.com ).

James Dean, Marilyn and 50’s Mohawk hair cut footage all come from public domain newsreels. Effects are all animations generated in Photoshop.

All music in the vid is mine EXCEPT during this section. Musically, I wanted to collapse an hours worth of DJ set in to one track. Thinking 90’s European Sound System Techno Rave.

The last bit of over-the-top-self-promotion was all shot from the laptop isight and effected using free dotmatrix and istopmotion ( almost free ). Love the free-bee low-tech-stylee!

This clip represents a vast archive of original content clips. In addition to stock footage, I create custom video loops for events, fashion shows, retail in store loops and corporate advertising. Leave a comment to see more, I have more loops and VJ sets posted elswhere ( ooooh, Secret… ).

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