Amierinkz Makes Paper Model NYC Set


lu ste

Amierinkz and Stephen Dirkes on set.

lou WEB_7229 copy

Artist, graphic designer, product designer and all around good guy Amierinkz took on the challange to create a paper model NYC neighborhood inspired scale model for a recent production. Starting with a set of weighted cardboard boxes, Amierinkz created a fantastic paper world.

The boxes were surfaced with white backdrop paper in the Greenpoint studio. Amierinkz took the boxes to his studio and added detail with black “sharpie” marker and foamcore elements.

lu set detail

Smaller 3D elements such as, water towers, roof top door sheds were constructed from cardstock.

water tower

The Bus had removable doors and spinning wheels for animation. He created an interior room scene with sharpie on cardstock which was matted behind the green screen window cutout.


After creating the basic window grid to conform the scale of the buildings, he went off the deep end creating extra elements such as, animated rats, garbage dumpster, taxi, lightpost, clotheslines with clothes, fruit stands, newspaper boxes, etc.

Lu with set

The buildings were set up on foamcore sidewalk elements on a black paper covered board. Most elements were affixed with hotglue.

rat 1

AmierInkz is of Colombian-Puerto-Rican descent, born and raised in Brooklyn since 1975.

From the start of his career, Amierinkz, has explored various mediums, materials and techniques and has maintained he visual curiousity throughout.

luste mole 2

In early ’88 he began computer based design on a Mac. In ’93, he joined Digital Konfusion and created “Digi Kon artz” as well as designing for labels such as Jive Records, New Breed, Liquid Sky, Allen St Recordings, and Half Baked Ideas. In addition to purely graphic work, he began designing clothing and accessories for clients such as Bungie, Fox, Konami, and Nintendo.

A truly multi-talented and multi-disciplinary artist, Amierinkz, continues to cross borders and push boundaries.

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7 Responses to “Amierinkz Makes Paper Model NYC Set”

  1. Arc Says:

    Awesome. simply awesome.

  2. أحمد Says:

    Amazing man

  3. Mike Stamper Says:

    I don’t have a web site but you will find me in Google !

    I’ve been making card buildings for years and it seems that “the bigger the better” applies. The biggest must have been the whole of Prague Castle district followed by Carcassonne and Wawel Castle.

    So, the thought of a large version on NY sounds good to me! I lack any artistic skills so a fully coloured version wod find favour with me!


  4. stephen dirkes Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the interest in the models and I really love your blog. Its a great resource for the community and some of the builds are inspiring.


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  7. vonny Says:

    COOL!!!What a wonderful works!!! 🙂

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