Tal Shpantzer shooting with the Zylight Z90



Recently worked on set with photographer, Tal Shpantzer http://www.talfoto.com/clients , shooting in a wide variety of environments, on a Canon 5d with 2 Zylight Z90 led lights.

zy paper 3

Zylights were used shooting a scale model paper NYC city block. Size and temperature were important on the scale model paper set. The lights were mounted on both a small light stand and a manfrotto camera tripod. The manfrotto had a grip ball head for quick flexible positioning of the light.

tal zy paper

The lights were great to work with. They could easily tuck behind a building or be moved about on the small scale set. The “Cool” factor was important on extended shots next to the paper models.


The quick and easy control of the colour and brightness allowed for quick testing of alternate lighting options for both dp and director on other shoots as well. The short film, “J’adore PORN” was lit exclusively with Zylights. Several lighting effects from classic film noir spotlights the “broken shutter” projector effects were achived with the Z90.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “J’adore Porn 1.5 min on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod

Shooting stop frame painting animations, the Z90 slid right under the camera to light the in-frame canvas area and instantly tune in the right colour temp.

tal masha animae motion 2

There were several tight locations to light on set of “the Object”, a live action stop motion short. Again, the Zylights came to the rescue in “Dressing Rooms”, “Bathrooms” and “Workshops”

tal shoot

I could even use it to light a dollhouse scale model theatre.

the Object pic 1

zylight canon

Cinematographer, Miklos Buk, got some stunning Film Noir effects on set with Tal and 2 Z90s in the close quarters of the “Dressing Room” scene.


I didn’t connect the 2 units to review the “Zylink” feature.
The manufacturer states:
ZyLink™ technology allows you to wirelessly link together multiple Zylights to create a soft LED source as large as you need. Zylights that are linked together act in concert as if they were one unified LED source, with adjustments made on one light changing all lights in the group.


Over all, I loved working with these lights in every environment I used them. Highly recommended addition to your bag of tricks. PRICE: $985.00

Thank you http://www.scribemedia.org for the lights!


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