“Give a Little Back” Eurotrash made in brooklyn 30 second spot


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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This edit comes hot off the Mac. Recently shot this with Tal Shpantzer shooting stills and Bert Esenherz and myself shooting video. I put a storyboard together around the “Eurotrash made in brooklyn” sleeveless hoodie featured in the vid. Bert put the project together and Klaus and Jose from Eurotrash seemed to be into the idea…

hoodie blog

I imagined a celebutante sneaking out the back of a Nightclub, only to be swarmed by Paparazzi. The flashing, clutching mob tears at his clothes and rips off the sleeves of his hoodie. Looking smug and better than ever, the tag line comes up “Sometimes it just feels good to give a little back”. The Techno track came together as I was working with the stills. I was going for a “manic” european techno rave track and ended up making lots of short 8 bar breaks to work with the pace of the images.

Tal shot all the scenes stop motion on a canon 5D with a small spot light. The frenetic/ chaotic energy of the animated sequences came out great.

tal shoot

Bert had some incredible rigging made with poles and metal clips.

bert light rig

We equipped our “paparazzi” with lots of working flashes which visually added to the pandamonium.

tal paparazzi

Several angles were covered with 3 cameras, 1 still, 1 handheld panasonic, 1 panasonic 8′ high tripod.


Bert fashioned our exterior of club, street scene with a large graffiti panel and an interior wall with bathroom and some garbage cans all tagged beautifully by the good people of Alphabeta ( thanks ).

stich slee

Klaus and Jose from Eurotrash made in brooklyn, were on set rigging special effects wardrobe and aggressively flashing as a paparazzi, respectively.

The “paparazzi” image has been a cinema icon for a long time. Here is a short vid with several of my favorite VJ cilps I’ve put together from lots of different films.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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I have no idea what I was thinking when I put the music together, but I guess I really liked the little “house” vocal sample….

Video/ Edit/ Music – Stephen Dirkes
Digital Stills – Tal Shpantzer ( talfoto.com )
Video/ lighting – Bert Esenherz
Wardrobe – Eurotrash made in brooklyn
Makeup – Masha Gvozdov

David Kuperminc
Shibani Mookerjee
Jose Duran
Marla Bumble
John Bumble
Dixie Rosa Fernandez
Kat Hennerty

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