Shooting with Raymond Flynn on a T Rex lens and RED camera


Ray lens change

Recently finished shooting a table top model set with T Rex. an interesting and unusual lens on a RED camera with cameraman/ D.O.P. Raymond Flynn. Aaron Fidan from CPT rental inc. provided the T Rex rig for the shoot. CPT designed the lens and its manufactered by P+S Technik in Germany. This specialty lens is perfect for scale model shoots, table top and macro shots.


The front lens on the T-REX System can pan up to 360 degrees while maintaining a level horizon without any additional controls. The horizon can be set/adjusted to any position with the image rotation gear. The Lens can easily convert to a straight Borescope or turned into an anamorphic version. When using the Borescope, the Zoom function will remain but the image rotation is lost. The Front Head can also be rotated around the horizontal Axis.

The T. Rex package came with support rails and a generous compliment of primes including a Canon T/S and T. Rex super wide angle and ball joint lenses which mount on the end of the unit.
camera lens mount: PL, BNC, Pana or B4 mount
2X 19MM or 15MM rods
1X lens support
18″ Dove Tail plate

fisheye 1

available lenses are:
5.5-20 MM
8-18 MM
17-37 MM
18-35 MM
18-35 MM Shift and Tilt
32-70 MM
70-150 MM Macro

After rigging up around 4k of light in china balls over the table top set, the RED/ T. Rex was mounted on a skateboard dolly with 10 feet of PVC track. Ray and I went over some shots and were immediately impressed with some of the motion that was possible with the T. Rex.

Ste Ray

From emulating crane/jib wide shots to crawling up buildings and pulling focus within a very narrow depth of field, Ray was able to build some wonderful motion sequences.

Large coloured and engraved lettering helped identify the zoom, rotate, focus rings. We were able to orchestrate some fairly complicated shots with Ray operating camera and focus, Tal operating zoom and me on the rotate ring. The lens is so long it was possible for all three of us to comfortably hang off the lens and control a ring. The lens is also quite heavy. Mounting it was definitely a two person job and the RED battery had to be mounted on rail far off the back of the camera to counter balance the T Rex. The T Rex like any boroscope, is “light hungry”. 4k was barely enough light hung a few feet above set. A full zoom reduces an additional 2 stops.

Ray Tal 1

We performed a few filter tests to see if the T Rex/RED camera combo created any unusual colour response. To the naked eye, two of the five filters tested on two different lenses, did seem to react oddly. While working with the footage in post with Peter Bill in Venice Beach, we also notice some strange type of colour refraction/ chromatic aboration creating red and green offset colour on the black lines in the basically black and white set. In our situation, it was easy to correct and get the look we wanted by desaturating and grading the final image.

ray ste mount lens

At the end of the day, the T Rex allows you to create some stunning shots that wouldn’t be possible with another lens. The prime collection that CPT rental adds to the package goes from great to overkill with the ball mount and T/S, but hey, go crazy. We ended up using the extreme fisheye ( 5.5-20mm ) a lot. CPT is offering a first-time discount for D.O.P.’s and director’s looking to explore the lens. I highly recommend this lens for your next scale model shoot.

Find out more about the T Rex at

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3 Responses to “Shooting with Raymond Flynn on a T Rex lens and RED camera”

  1. Matt Says:

    Will you be posting any video samples of your work with the T-Rex?

  2. stephen dirkes Says:

    Yes, I’ll post a vid for sure. Just need to wait for the dust of a pitch to settle ;-).

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