“the Object” with Dirty Martini in Post


the Object c3

Locking down the edit for the most recent Obscure Object Films release, “the Object” starring Dirty Martini and Paul Richard. This 5 minute short film takes us backstage to the steamy intrigue of a 1930’s New York City Burlesque Nightclub.

the Object c2

Photographer, Tal Shpantzer, successfully wrangled audience scenes, cast almost exclusively with French actors visiting NYC. These young Frenchmen were masters of; wearing hats, smoking lustily and the subtle skill of feminine charms appreciation.  Shooting on location at the Creek LIC theatre space provided both our stage/ backstage set as well as a full grid of theatrical lights to work with. Cinematographer, Miklos Buk, choreographed light, smoke and shadow to get this vintage look.

the Object c4

Dirty Martini put in a stellar performances in both her wonderfully choreographed dances and the dramatic role. Easily “the Object” of one’s obsession. Dirty began performing classic burlesque routines in New York City in 1997 after choreographing and performing her first fan dance with a touring theater company a few years before.

the object dirty laugh

Ms. Martini has recently returned from France, where she was performing in “Tournee” directed by and starring French film actor, Mathieu Amalric. Screenings for the film to be in Cannes next year and be on the look out for the soon to be released documentary by Gary Beeber, “Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque”.

the object dirty hanky

Paul Richard brought intensity to his performance of the tortured artist “Hank”. He was able to adapt to the special slow motion style of shooting Tal uses to capture motion for the animation. The artist’s studio scenes were shot in Paul’s studio and had so much character, little set dressing was required.

the Object paul 1

The drama heightens as our tortured artist, “Hank” deliriously tattoo’s himself with Dirty Martini’s image in the bathroom. Makeup artist, Masha Gvozdov, had to crunch in the corner of the bathroom to pop up to animate the “tattooing” between shots in sync with Paul and Tal.

the object red and black
Fabien Sagard offers a great performance as Dirty Martini’s young french lover in his first film role. Thank you Ayka Ayka for styling the Frenchmen and on set support.
the object french lover
Rebecca Trent was beautiful on screen and charming as our host and owner of the Creek theatre space.
the Object c5
What was a great shoot on set has turned into a very smooth post production. I’m spending most time now on the score. I recorded several hours of piano improve for the score. I edited and composed those tracks to picture and went back at a second session with the piano. The final piano edit will be sent out to other musicians to build up the “Cabaret” pit orchestra.

Look out for a very special screening party in October with our VIP hostess, Dirty Martini. Support live Burlesque and check out Dirty Martini at, The 7th Annual New York Burlesque Festival Oct 1st -4th 2009. This is the largest burlesque event in the world. It takes place over 4 days throughout NYC. More info here: www.thenewyorkburlesquefestival.com

stills- Tal Shpantzer http://www.talfoto.com

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