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Making Spaceship Models for Music Video

October 23, 2009


Making a Spaceship exterior model for a few shots in a music video I’m VFX coordinating. (more…)

The Best Junkyard in LA

July 29, 2009


Just got back from LA where friend and colleague, Peter Bill, took me out to an amazing media-tech junkyard. Apex Electronics in Sun Valley. California is the electro-junk-repository to die for. Mountains of circuit boards, flight cases and random A/V equipment create a maze of corridors that wind through the outside area which is about a full city block. (more…)

Shooting with Raymond Flynn on a T Rex lens and RED camera

July 27, 2009

Ray lens change

Recently finished shooting a table top model set with T Rex. an interesting and unusual lens on a RED camera with cameraman/ D.O.P. Raymond Flynn. Aaron Fidan from CPT rental inc. provided the T Rex rig for the shoot. CPT designed the lens and its manufactered by P+S Technik in Germany. This specialty lens is perfect for scale model shoots, table top and macro shots. (more…)


July 9, 2009

Ste Cam 6

T.REX Lens hanging off the front of a RED cam. Nice. Pic from the latest shoot. Posting details soon…

Another Model Set!

June 9, 2009
production still from "the Object" featuring "Dirty Martini"

production still from "the Object" featuring "Dirty Martini"

The model theatre is featured at the end of “the Object”, a stop-motion-live-action-animated-short-film ( whew ), I’m currently working on. The model appears when the protagonist Hank’s delirium reaches its apex and he mentally projects the image of a Burlesque dancer he has fallen in love with, into the toy theatre he has made to contain her. (more…)

DJ Vandal Tags NYC!!!!!

May 1, 2009


Our friend and renown NYC DJ, Artist and Methods NYC co-owner, DJ Vandal added some tag flava titles for a new animated short. (more…)